baskin Robbin
Terms and Conditions
  1. Open to every individual.
  2. Member’s mobile phone number would be his / her unique identification number for the membership.
  3. Complete name (first name and last name) and mobile number are mandatory for registration in the program.
  4. Upon successful registration to the Program, members accept that the membership is governed by these terms & conditions and may be amended from time to time.
  5. There is no membership fee for registration.
  6. Members, who have shared their date of birth at the time of registration, will also be rewarded with some bonus points on their birthday.
  7. The validity of points accumulated in any calendar year shall be one year from the date of earning the points.
  8. Periodic updates on the number of ‘points accumulated’ and ‘points nearing expiry shall be sent to members on their mobile numbers through text messages.
  9. The membership points, benefits & privileges are non-transferable & may only be used by the member.
  10. The use of the privileges and associated benefits are deemed to be an acceptance of terms and conditions.
  11. The management reserves the right to terminate the membership with all points forfeited without prior notice if the member:
    • Breaches any membership terms and conditions
    • Behaves in an unruly manner while in store premises
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